Tuesday, 20 May 2014

XML interface - a MUST for every car rental software solution

The XML interface

XML interface is a must for every professional car rental software solution. The XML interface is like the open window of that a software has in order to be able to  see and talk to the rest of the world.

Carhire Manager Web  XML interface is undoubtly a very essential part in the package. This is the tunnel where data exchange with other systems is taking place.  Carhire Manager Web XML interface is an XML  web service based on the SOAP protocol that follows the OTA standard. OTA stands for OpenTravel Alliance.

Just to put it simply the XML interface is a set of functions that the another program may call in order to retrieve , enter  or manipulate data. These functions usually take in a number of parameters. When another program calls a function within this web service  a request is sent to Carhire Manager Web  asking/requiring something and Carhire Manager Web will return an XML response back. 

An example might be that another program may for instance call a function to get rates and availability for a certain date range.  It can also be a request for submitting a booking with all necessary details. Carhire Manager witll perform some tasks and finaly return a response  back.

Carhire Manager Web XML interface is currently  connected  with a number of brokers or wholesaler companies ( Cartrawler, Traveljigsaw, Micronexus, Carjet, AutoEurope, Skyscanner e.t.c.)

Carhire Manager Web is also interfaced through XML with Cobra (Sixt International ) and shortly will have  XML connection with Budget International.

There is of course  enormous benefits by using the XML interface. Here are some of the most important benefits

·        Reduced need of  human resources that leads to
·        Reduced costs
·        Reduced errors in the system by automating data entry)
·        Instant data exchange on real time
·        Validity of data is guaranteed.

The majority of the big car rental brokers nowadays require an XML interface from  car rental companies in order to start a cooperation. The era of exchanging faxes about bookings is definitely over. It looks like the era of exchanging emails about bookings is also over. We are now living in the XML era.

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