Monday, 28 September 2015

Structure of the car rental system

A modern car rental system has no choice but to cover all the different aspects that a car rental operation involves. B2C and B2B interactions, websites, CRM, office users, mobile users, system integration (see previous post about XML interface) aspects have to be taken into consideration when building a car rental system. Its not just about developing a piece of killer car rental software adopting the latest technology but building a complete system that can accommodate the various players within the system.
Office users can manage their every day operations, through the Back office and depending on the role of each user the system allows an appropriate set of operations. Managers, fleet managers, branch managers, Counter Staff, maintenance staff, accountants or anybody else within the system, each one of them may access the information of their interest. Mobile users can manage their activities while being on the move away from the office. Website visitors can submit their car rental reservations into Carhire Manager Web, pay online and interact with the system directly through the pages of the integrated website.
Small agents can also enter their bookings into the system through the integrated agent portal while the bigger ones and the big internet car rental brokers can do it by using the XML interface. The XML interface may also be used in order to connect any other system to Carhire Manager Web. A car rental software must include all necessary CRM functionality in order to manage the interactions between the business and the car rental client. Sending newsletters, evaluation forms, notifications by email or SMS to clients but also providing the users of the system with all necessary client statistics is without any doubt a very important part of a car rental system.

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