Monday, 12 October 2015

Multiple Websites - Lift to a higher level

As you already know ,  Carhire Manager Web includes the following integrated parts
  • Back office
  • Website
  • CRM functionality
  • XML interface
  • Mobile Interface
  • Vehicle tracking
The Website is the integrated B2C platform which is used by internet visitors in order to submit their bookings into the system and pay online. Bookings are instantly available to and visible by the back office users. Users can even get a notification in the form of an email or SMS for every web reservation coming in.  

Getting Internet clients through websites is a must and this requires a strong web presence which is a highly essential aspect for every serious car rental business no matter the size. We understand perfectly well every single aspect of the increasing needs and the challenges that car hire business face nowadays in respect to the web. That’s why we decided to add a feature that will lift both our system and our customers to a higher level of creativity and effectiveness in utilizing the Web.  

Our car rental software now allows you to have not only one but…multiple integrated websites without any limit. Yes that's right, any number of websites! The number of websites depends only on the number of domain names that you own. Practically speaking you may set up all the domains on your web server or web servers of your choice and create a separate website for each domain. The only requirement is that the web server must have access to the database of Carhire Manager Web.
You may set up and customize each one of the websites right from the back office admin menu. You can create your designs, images, static pages and you are up and running in no time. Of course you may also apply SEO techniques   for each website individually.  Additionally any other websites created by a third party may connect to Carhire Manager Web through the XML interface. The sky is the limit!

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